Friday, September 7

Baby-Proofing. Parents Winning.

So, after we had Macy and she started moving a little bit, we started talking about baby-proofing. We went pretty simple, basically we only put latches on the cabinets under the sink which hold all the cleaners and bad for baby materials. We put outlet covers all over, but Macy has since learned to pull them out. She is quite crafty. Anyway, I was looking around today and just started to notice how crafty we've had to start getting to try and outsmart Macy for a little while. 

We've all seen this technique before. This makes Macy mad. Sometimes she will just stand at the cabinet, pull on it, stomp her feet and hit the rubber band or hair tie while whimpering and waiting for one of us to come open it for her. We don't open it, of course, which makes her even more mad. 

But this one is my favorite. Macy was really enjoying opening these doors, then slamming them shut. All I could envision is one of the glass panes shattering all over her. You may be asking yourself, 'Is that a Scrabble tile holder?" Why yes, my friends, it is, with a hair tie that I had in my hair at the moment I decided that something must be done to stop her. Luckily, she hasn't figured out that she can just pull the tile holder out, but I have no doubt that she will soon.  

Yet another reason why having no bathroom doors sucks, but luckily we have an ottoman and random black cabinet that was in our guest bedroom closet. But there was a significant amount of engineering that went into this set up. You see, Macy, my smart, sassy, super strong and incredible daughter, could push the black cabinet out of the way if it wasn't sitting on the bottom side with the strips of what I can only describe as no-slip strips. So I get a good stretch any time I need to walk into my bathroom or closet, but I guess that's good right? It's like yoga, but not really, at all. 

Despite all the hair ties that are completely unusable now, I don't know what I would do without this girl. I L-O-V-E this face on her. I wish this picture wasn't blurry because this is the perfect face. You know she's just thinking, "What are you doing? Can I do it?" She is adventurous, rambunctious, a handful and full of shenanigans. I wouldn't want her any other way. Oh happy day, week, year, life.

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